A combination of advice, insight and inspiration, The Transformational Actor is a guide to best practices, covering traditional and innovative techniques entirely based on the imagination.

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Peter's techniques have been fundamentals in my life as a professional actor. This is a comprehensive text that offers true guidance and unique insight for any student or professional
- Julianne Moore
Academy Award Winner
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Craft approaches and pragmatic tips on auditioning, acting on camera, casting, comedy, and training

        The reader will discover 180 different topics or selections arranged into 12 chapters, each entry on a separate page for easy absorption and quick cross-referencing.   The Transformational Actor features:

  • Inspiration and motivation to keep actors focused, creative and dynamic every time out
  • Thorough, yet concise approaches to the craft enabling actors to be fully prepared no matter what the situation or circumstance
  • Encouragement for a spirited sense of play, a desire to risk and explore, and confidence to make bold but specific choices 
  • Innovative approaches and ways of working that expand an actor’s understanding and deepen his/her appreciation of this field.
  • A substantive handbook that can be either read through cover to cover, referenced by general topic, or cross-referenced for specific answers to most issues facing actors.

Imagination-based concepts and approaches

Concepts and approaches are all imagination-based and gleaned from a deep knowledge of all sources coupled with significant innovation, especially in the areas of Emotional Preparation and Emotional Homework.    The variety of topics covered and the specificity of approaches are much greater than those found in the typical acting book.

        Finally, The Transformational Actor can be easily be referenced to obtain specific answers to specific questions using the extensive index and table of contents. 

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About Peter Frisch

Mr. Frisch has directed 160 productions in the New York and regional theatre, produced 150 hours of network television, was Head of Drama at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, and has been on the conservatory faculty at Carnegie, The Juilliard School, Harvard and Boston Universities. Peter directs The Frisch Approach and has taught and coached privately in New York and Los Angeles.

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Only the imaginative, risk-taking, transformational actor can inhabit new emotional, physical and vocal territory. To achieve these goals, students are encouraged to approach their work boldly and with a spirited sense of play. They are trained to be in the habit of experimenting and working without fear. Only by taking risks can an actor fully create and inhabit a character.